Samiya Mahadik, Advanced Diploma in Children’s Nursing, LSBU alumni

The main thing she gained from the course was a range of skills she has taken with her into nursing. "The course has definitely given me the skills I need to excel on the job. I used to be quite a shy person before I started at LSBU, now I'm a lot more confident."

Timing is key

Another aspect that Samiya developed in was her time management.  "Time management was a challenge. Mine hasn't always been amazing but I've definitely improved a lot in the years I've been training." Now, Samiya is able to manage her wards and a greater patient load more successfully.

Samiya is also quick to pay tribute to several members of the teaching staff at LSBU for her successes. "My personal tutor Stuart Hibbins has been amazing and a great support. Also Kirsten Dunn helped me a lot during my research programme. I'm really grateful for that - I think if it wasn't for her I don't think I would have done as well as I actually did."

Spoilt for choice

Samiya had two placements in her first year and then another two placements in her final year with the final placement at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for three months. "I just felt like such a big part of the team by the end of it I didn't actually want to leave."

After attending several job interviews and getting job offers at all of them, Samiya was spoilt for choice after graduating. However it was a return to GOSH that she pursued, where she is now on a rotation programme for 18 months.

"I go to three different wards - six months on each ward and then I get to decide after that whether I want to stay or if I want to go somewhere else." The placement opportunities were initially one of the major reasons why Samiya decided to study at LSBU, a decision that has been fully validated. "I knew that placements were done at GOSH and I knew it would be a great experience."

As for the future, Samiya is keen to stick to nursing for the time being. "I love it. I will carry on with the rotation at GOSH for 18 months, and then we'll see where it goes from there. Before I did nursing I wanted to do speech and language therapy and I didn't get into it, so I'd probably do extra courses alongside perhaps in sign language to build up my CV." Read more about our NHS partners.


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