RN Haque, BA (Hons) Business Administration, International student

Visiting London was a top priority for RN. "The thought of coming to an entirely new place, settling down and meeting new people has always excited me. Compared to other countries like Canada, America and Australia, London always gave me a different vibe." After completing his A-Levels, he came to London and did an HNC course for a year. In summer 2012 he started looking for a university.

Finding the right fit

RN had a clear set of priorities when he was searching for a university. He didn't want to choose a university simply based on where they were ranked in the league tables. "I was looking for a place where the education would be of high quality, internationally recognised, innovative and modern. I was searching for an institution where I could prepare myself for the fast-growing, competitive and demanding professional world. Luckily I found LSBU. After I had visited the University website a number of times, visited the campuses and attended an open day. I decided this would be the place where I would want to see myself three years later in a gown and celebrating my graduation with my parents."

"When looking through a list of Universities in the UK, students often face the trouble of choosing the right institution for them. We all can do our research; finding the top ranked universities in the UK, but how many of us can afford or cope with the environment of the institutions from that list? LSBU might not be the top ranked nor can be compared with Oxford or Cambridge, but there is a saying 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Choosing LSBU is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. The university has strong connections with top employers and its graduates have the highest starting salaries in the job market."

Unique environment

RN has found London has some unique qualities. "I realise how different this country is from where I belong. By different I mean this country has people who come from all around the world.  I have visited a few countries, but in London I have seen the true meaning of the word multinational. I feel exactly the same about LSBU when I'm on campus.  I see students from everywhere and I've made friends with a number of them. LSBU defines the true meaning of equality and diversity."

The facilities are fantastic, rivalling those listed as the top ten universities in the UK, and all located in the heart of London, very near to London Bridge! Read more about our facilities and our location.

Wonderful experience

RN is happy with the support he receives at LSBU. "The Employability and Careers service is extraordinary and the lecturers actually guide the students. I do not know about other students, but that's exactly what I needed and got."

"I am very happy to be studying here and choosing LSBU was one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. My results have been quite impressive and the attention I get from my teachers motivates me. Currently I am a course representative. I get to talk to my fellow course mates and listen to all their suggestions and concerns and then I act as their voice on the course board. Honestly, I never thought this role could be so much fun and earn me such a wonderful experience."


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