Reshma Jahmeerbacus, MSc Accounting and Finance, LSBU alumni

Student of the Year

It was essential for her to study at a London university that enabled students to fit in studying around their working lives. This made LSBU a perfect choice. "I chose to study at LSBU because of the flexibility of its courses and its location was ideal, as I worked in the city. Easy access to university after work was paramount for me." Read more about our location and see our campus map and travel instructions.

Reshma was also drawn to LSBU by the quality of lecturers on offer. "LSBU also boasts a number of high calibre lecturers, some heavily engaged in research; a critical building block for my degree and my decision to join LSBU. I also admired the motivation of my personal tutor and the continuous encouragement and support he offered throughout my degree."

The flexibility of its teaching and the prestige location ensured Reshma made the most of her time at LSBU, winning a Student of the Year award at her graduation for her outstanding performance on the course. "The cherry on the cake of this whole experience was the graduation ceremony where I felt the recognition for the tremendous work I had achieved and that proud and accomplished sensation."

Perfect position

Since graduating at LSBU in 2004, Reshma has gained employment in Perth, Australia working as a Management Accountant at the Department of Indigenous Affairs. It was precisely this sort of position she was hoping to gain by further developing her understanding of accountancy studying a Masters. "The MSc Accounting & Finance was perfect for me as it allowed me to go deeper into one specific area of accounting without the need to repeat lectures already covered in my ACCA studies. I was able to focus purely on the research side, enhancing my investigative and analytical skills."

Fond memories

Looking back, Reshma still remembers her time at LSBU positively. "I have fond memories of the Research Methods lectures, which were always intense and got everyone participating. I still treasure the friendships I made with my classmates and staff as well."


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