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Paisley Allan, BSc Sociology, joined through Clearing

After missing out on her first choice of degree, LSBU was able to support Paisley Allan with an alternative pathway to her dream career of working with children

For the past nine months BSc Sociology student Paisley Allan has been volunteering with a charity mentoring children from difficult backgrounds – a “most rewarding experience” and something she wouldn’t have thought about if she wasn’t at LSBU.

“I found out about this charity through a workshop that was organised by one of my lecturers.

“I wouldn't have known or even thought about doing mentoring if I wasn't at uni. I am happy that I am making a small difference in a young person’s life!”

The Clearing process

Paisley joined the Sociology course through Clearing after she missed the entry requirements for the LSBU course – Psychology (Child Development). She says it was thanks to a supportive Clearing adviser that she secured a spot on BSc Sociology.

“LSBU has always been my first choice and this is because it's always given me the feeling that everyone is welcome, everyone is accepted - a university with open arms.

“The Clearing adviser on the other side of the phone was very positive and reassuring, she explained everything I needed to know. She could tell I was very upset and handled the situation like a champ. Because of her I found the Clearing process very efficient and fantastic. I have only positive feedback!”

LSBU was great - supportive, informative, positive.

Paisley Allan

LSBU also considered Paisley's previous work experience with autistic children and her time spent volunteering, which helped with her application.

Paisley understands that missing out on your first choice need not be the end of the journey. "The best advice I can give is keep your head held high. You may not get into your chosen course but the LSBU Admissions Officers helped me realise that there are always alternatives and other ways to achieve your goals.”

Boosting confidence

Paisley says university has allowed her to grow into the confident, happy person that she is today. She has been Treasurer of the University's student Dance Society, has won the University Crest for her contribution to organising the netball team and a gold award for her work as a Students' Union course rep. She is also a student, sports and halls ambassador.

“I think LSBU has boosted my confidence 100% and given me skills I did not have before. LSBU has given me a second chance and has enabled me to have done all these incredible things which hopefully will make me more employable.”

She is now thinking of taking a year out after graduating before doing a PGCE to go into teaching.

"In the beginning I had chosen LSBU because it had the course I wanted to do. But LSBU also reached out to me. I felt accepted and knew that this was the university I wanted to go to. LSBU is very multicultural and I love being in an environment where I can mix with different people.

"There is lots of support out there and people will help you along the way. I love LSBU and I'm glad I came here."