Nita Thorpe, BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

She now believes that her degree from LSBU will leave her well placed to enter the industry after graduating.

Great facilities

Nita completed an access course to gain enough UCAS points to go to university to study in more depth. There was no shortage of universities to study at but she was swayed by LSBU after visiting the campus and speaking with the course directors. "I decided that LSBU had great facilities within the division and the fact that tutors all have first-hand experience in the field was very appealing."

Another advantage LSBU had was the fantastic location in London. "The best thing about studying in London is that there is such a great diversity of people and that makes it an exciting place to be. I like that the university is an hour from my home in Essex. When I go to university in London I always feel upbeat, then when I go back home it's a lot quieter in the suburbs and I easily relax."

With the Southwark campus located right near central London – within walking distance of the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Borough Market, Tate Modern and Ministry of Sound – there was always something for Nita to do after classes. Read more about our location.

Head-start at work

Nita would ideally like to work for a police force, or use her expertise and skills gained in forensic science to solve crime. These professions involve using DNA Analysers, standard yet expensive cutting edge equipment that is an essential tool for forensic scientists. Due to studying at LSBU, students are trained in and get to use this equipment, giving them an edge over other graduates when starting a career in forensic science.

"During my final year project I have had great support from lecturers, which has enabled me to work independently in the laboratory, and this has definitely increased my confidence. Overall the course has given me a great skill set which I hope to use when I apply for jobs to make me a stronger candidate."


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