Mohammed Hamid Ehsan loved LSBU’s supportive environment so much he came back for a master’s

Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at LSBU, Hamid had several offers from other universities to continue his studies. Instead he chose to stay with LSBU to study part-time for his master’s.

Rankings don’t necessarily indicate what’s best about a university.

LSBU ranks well but I was interested in other criteria. I live in London and wanted to stay in the city; LSBU offered the course I wanted; and it was clear to me when I attended an open day that this would be a really supportive environment to study in.

I knew at school that civil engineering was my subject. I was good at numbers and interested in structures. Even as a child I was always building things out of cardboard. I’m inspired by Zaha Hadid but I wanted to build on my strong relationship with maths, so I chose to build structures rather than design them.

The support you get at LSBU is a real differentiator.

The LSBU civil engineering lecturers give you a great experience. If you don’t understand something, they go out of their way to explain it again, or in a different way. It’s difficult to make progress if you don’t understand something, because a lot of the learning is cumulative. So the ability to ask, and the lecturers’ willingness to repeat, is crucial. We literally have their phone number and email so that we can reach them if we need support, and they follow up to make sure you’ve really got it.

I have friends at other universities and none of them has experienced this. The support you get at LSBU is on the next level.

I enjoyed all the modules but a highlight of the course was the first-year trip to Durdle Door to see the limestone arch and the tilted rockbeds. We studied the history and formation of the different sediments and slopes and how the arch was eroded, and what to consider when building on different kinds of soils. It was fascinating and great fun, too.

The more you put into university life the more you get out of it.

My undergraduate university life was the best time ever. I was very active and joined a lot of clubs and societies. I worked as an LSBU ambassador and went to higher education fairs all over England. It was a great experience, sharing my love of LSBU with prospective students. Talking to other students gives you the best idea of what to expect from a university. I tell people that at LSBU you’ll learn a lot because of the support you get, and because of the teaching methods, with small groups, and the opportunity to ask questions.

I did well in my finals and had several opportunities to continue my studies at other universities, but I chose to stay at LSBU for my master’s. I’m studying part-time and currently looking for a job, which the Careers Hub is helping me with.

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