Mark Turner, BA (Hons) Urban and Environmental Planning

He decided to develop his career further and hoped to achieve this by studying BA (Hons) Urban and Environmental Planning at LSBU.

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Mark had to justify both the course he wanted to take and his choice of university to his employer before they had agreed to sponsor him. Yet justifying the course proved to be quite easy for Mark, since it is accredited for corporate membership by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), essential for further career progression. Read more about employer-sponsored study at LSBU.

"Justifying LSBU was also simple; colleagues had studied at LSBU and spoke highly of the course and more importantly the staff that taught it. In fact, despite now working for a different Authority far from London, it's rare for a day to go by when I don't come across another ex-South Bank student as either a client or a colleague."

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However, during the second year of the course Mark unfortunately developed some serious health problems that left him considering he'd need to end his studies. "I discussed my concerns with my course director who offered me a series of sensible options to consider along with a tremendous level of support. It's this genuine interest in the students that I think makes LSBU stand head and shoulders above some other universities I have experienced."

With the support of the university, Mark carried on his studies and successfully graduated on time. This led to him being the proud winner of the Ede & Ravenscroft Prize for overcoming severe difficulties in his second year and the Course Director's Best overall undergraduate student in his final year.

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Mark now possesses more than just the qualifications needed to advance his career; he also believes he is now a stronger professional after studying. "The course helped me to grow my perspective. Until then I'd been working in a specialised area of development management. I now have a greater appreciation of the other elements that interact in producing the environment we all live in today."

Mark decided he wasn't quite done at LSBU after completing his degree, deciding to come back and study a Post Graduate Diploma in Town Planning as well. He is now well set to progress his career and keen to recommend LSBU to colleagues. "Would I recommend LSBU to any other aspiring planners? Well having completed four years as a part-time undergraduate I came back for another two of post-graduate study. I guess that says it all!"

The LSBU Loyalty Award offers an exciting financial incentive for progressing from undergraduate to postgraduate study at LSBU. Read more about the LSBU Loyalty Award.


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