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Liz Manning, BSc (Hons) Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture

After discovering acupuncture Liz decided to change careers and has since travelled round China on an LSBU scholarship and plans to open her own clinic

Having always considered herself a creative person, Liz Manning found herself managing a design studio in Kew after completing a Diploma in Popular Music Performance. However, she began to suffer from insomnia and back pain and was constantly looking for successful treatments.

“That’s where my love for Chinese medicine really started,” says Liz. “The treatments really helped me, and I wanted to help others the way I’d been helped. It was that passion that drove me back to full-time education at the age of 25!”

Reputation and facilities

As Liz began to research the best places to study, she quickly found herself impressed by London South Bank University's (LSBU) reputation and facilities.

The university acupuncture clinic was a big plus for me, as was the fact that the course included modules on learning Chinese. It takes the time to educate students about Chinese culture and history, as well as medicine.

Liz Manning

Since joining the course, those opportunities are something that Liz has made the most of, thanks in part to the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine at LSBU. One of 400 around the world, it is affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education and promotes Chinese culture within LSBU, the local community and a number of local schools. The Confucius Institute also includes a fully equipped acupuncture clinic which is used for clinical training, enabling students to observe and then practice in the clinic under the lecturer's supervision.

Travel to China

“I took a Chinese language course with the Confucius Institute and won a scholarship to travel to China last summer,” says Liz. “It was a life-changing experience. When I graduate, I intend to apply for another scholarship to study at Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, and I’m so excited about it. It’s the kind of opportunity that I know I would not have if I wasn’t studying at LSBU.”

Mind-blowing knowledge

Both of Liz’s parents are doctors, so she grew up with medical terms used in regular conversation.

“That did mean it was quite overwhelming when I started to study Chinese medicine!” she admits. “These days, it comes more naturally to me than biomedicine. It’s amazing how much those ancient Chinese doctors knew about the body without even cutting it up and looking inside. I still find it mind-blowing even now!”

Inspirational lecturers

Along with the opportunities to travel and study the Chinese language, Liz credits the lecturing team at LSBU with being the best thing about the course. “My course leader, Ian Appleyard, is utterly inspirational and an amazing teacher,” she says. “Our clinical lead, Weidong Huang, is so thorough and makes sure that every patient is treated to the highest standard."

I’m so lucky to study at LSBU and learn from such great teachers.

Liz Manning

LSBU is the perfect place

Once Liz graduates, she is hoping to spend some time at Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine to learn about working in a Chinese clinic. “Once I’ve got that experience under my belt, I’d like to travel,” she says. “Ultimately, I would like to set up an acupuncture clinic and help people in the way I was helped. LSBU is the perfect place to prepare me for that because there are great opportunities through the Confucius Institute, as well as fantastic teachers and the chance to gain experience treating patients in an acupuncture clinic.”

Liz’s advice to others is simple. “Follow your passion and do what you love,” she says. It’s certainly an approach that has worked for her.