Lauren Hunt, BSc (Hons) Midwifery, mature student

Lauren had spent 15 years as a registered child-minder while she was bringing up her own family. With the children older, Lauren decided it was time for a change. "My children were now independent and I needed more in my life. Midwifery was always something I wanted to do when I left school. Having children of my own enabled me to relate to women in pregnancy and labour, making me a good advocate for them."

After completing a basic pre-access course for a year, and then an Access to Nursing course for another year - Lauren had the qualifications to enter LSBU and study BSc (Hons) Midwifery.

Support throughout

Having been out of education for so many years, it would be natural for some students to feel apprehensive on their return to study. However, Lauren was quickly recognised by the other students and staff. She was nominated to attend a Florence Nightingale event at Westminster Abbey. "My tutor, lecturers, course directors, supervisors and mentors have really helped and provided me with support throughout."

Studying Midwifery isn't just about being in the class room. Lauren is currently on a placement where she's getting real experience to prepare her to be a capable midwife. "At the moment I am on placement, on the general side of the hospital. This enables me to relate medical, surgical and other procedures to Midwifery. I feel I am an important part of a team and that's a rewarding experience alone." Read more about our NHS partners.

Fantastic rewards

In the longer-term, Lauren is hoping to further her education by doing a Masters in Midwifery. She believes her decision to return to education and pursue a career as a midwife has been validated, although it is not all plain sailing.

This is not a 9 to 5 job. The placement consists of shift work and long days. You can have days off or start early and finish early or start late and finish late. But the rewards of aiding and delivering a baby are fantastic. To see couple's faces as we hand them their new-born, brings so much emotion I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but Midwifery.


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