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Kristina Middleton, BSc (Hons) Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture

Kristina was able to immerse herself in Chinese culture and even travel to China whilst studying Acupuncture, thanks to LSBU and the Confucius Institute

Like many who aspire to become acupuncturists, Kristina Middleton was very keen to gain a rounded education. As well as acupuncture itself, she wanted her learning to be underpinned by an appreciation of the Chinese culture and language that are so integral to it.

Accredited degree

“The course is accredited by the British Acupuncture Council, and had a lot of teaching staff from China – something that not all universities can say,” says Kristina.

Someone I knew who was studying on the course at LSBU recommended it to me, and it seemed to be the perfect fit for me.

Kristina Middleton

Kristina also found the structure of the course a key consideration: “I was looking for studies to fit around work. This course is mostly delivered during weekends and evenings, making it easy to work part-time whilst studying, which was another big positive for me.”

Confucius Institute

The close links between our BSc (Hons) Chinese Medicine: Acupunture degree and Chinese language and culture are possible thanks to the relationship between London South Bank University (LSBU) and the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine. The institute exists to promote Chinese language and culture to students and the local community, and delivers parts of our BSc (Hons) Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture degree, as well as offering extra opportunities to study Chinese language and culture and scholarships to visit and study in China. In addition, Kristina attributes the new clinic facility within Caxton House for providing opportunities to improve her experience of practical clinic sessions.

Experienced practitioners

Opportunities for cultural exchange are what Kristina thinks are the ‘best part of studying at LSBU'. She feels that learning from Chinese staff and students is giving her a greater understanding of Chinese culture, and found learning from their practical experience a valuable aspect of the course.

Working with and learning from Chinese students and lecturers from Harbin University is fantastic.

Kristina Middleton

She also credits the teaching staff on the course with providing a great amount of knowledge: “You gain a variety of knowledge from different lecturers who are also experienced practitioners and each share their perspectives and experiences. It’s great to have the opportunity to learn Chinese and to travel to China as well.”

Looking to the future

Kristina is already looking to the future, and is planning ahead for launching her own acupuncture business by accessing the entrepreneurial assistance and advice available at LSBU via the Spark programme.

Spark is a six-month programme exclusively for current students at LSBU who want to turn their ideas into a business while they study. Students get to test out their ideas and create a viable product or service. The programme includes up to £500 funding, mentoring, office space (hot desking), legal support and access to networks. “It’s been a really useful experience and has given me lots of business advice and assistance,” says Kristina.

Kristina also credits the course with providing her the skills required to launch her own acupuncture clinic; “There are a lot of opportunities to practice practical skills, ensuring that you have confidence to work independently on completion of the course.”