Kassandra Kay, Master of Business Administration

She was financially supported throughout the degree by one of LSBU's Vice-Chancellor (VC) Scholarships and made the most of the facilities available to maximise her experience on the course.

Financial support

Part-funding the degree herself through a loan and part-time work, Kassandra also found gaining the VC scholarship was a major help to her finances. Every year the scholarship programme provides up to 12 UK, EU or International students up to £4,000 towards fees for their full Masters level programme or Research degree.

Kassandra describes the scholarship as a huge stress-reliever. "It meant that more of my time could be spent properly on required assignments and class focus and less on seeking additional part-time roles. The overall care and striving by LSBU staff to mean well and do well from everyone is outstanding."

Amazing library

Kassandra made the most of facilities available to students at LSBU, especially the Perry library located on the Southwark campus. "The library is amazing for online journal research – especially for my managerial economics class and books required for that and my managing accounting & finance class. The Learning Resources Centre's (LRC) silent rooms and printer queue set ups are brilliant and used by me often when time and convenience is the order of the day."

It is the Southwark campus where Kassandra spent most of her time while at LSBU. "It's very well laid-out and insulated from the hubbub of neighbouring commuters. The new Student Centre that has opened is great too, especially the extra plant life." Read more about facilities for students at LSBU.

Next step

It is not just the facilities which Kassandra has been utilising though. Attending extra career lessons and evening lectures has benefitted her greatly. She has also consulted the LSBU careers service, attending classes and a one-on-one session to improve her employability and refocus her CV.

This went hand-in-hand with some of her MBA classes which helped her realise how she could deal with potential situations in her current jobs as well as in future situations. "LSBU classes have giving me an improved insight and perspective of what I encounter in my part-time roles. They've been really rewarding and helpful for expanding my thought process as a prospective manager, giving me real people and business finances to deal with. "The next step for Kassandra is to combine all her previous and current experiences – from theatre management and production, corporate business employment experience and past project management courses within my past IT studies.


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