Kalina, MSc International Business, international student

After studying Philosophy in Warsaw, Poland, Kalina wanted to study a modern subject for her Masters. The second-year student settled on our MSc International Business. "I was interested in subjects connected with business such as marketing and management. I chose the course because I wanted to improve my English language skills and make new contacts with international students."

"I found the LSBU staff very easy to speak to about the course; they always encouraged students to talk to them after lectures. Classes were also delivered on time, which was great if I had work the same day." The course was organised so that four to six hours per week were fixed in the classroom, with a focus on independent study which Kalina would fit around her work. This meant she could study before or after lectures and also do her part-time job.

New tricks

The course has already had an impact on Kalina's work-life. Working part-time at a coffee shop to support herself during the course, she found the management module she studied helped her understand different management techniques and to view things differently. As a result, at work she has progressed from Team Member to Leader and now has an appetite for management, something she may pursue in the future. "As a result of the course, I have become more confident in my everyday life."

After graduating, Kalina is hoping her MSc will allow her to gain employment in marketing or social responsibility which is the subject of her dissertation. That will be her focus in the short-term, as she works on her dissertation, assisted by an LSBU facilitator who she shares her research ideas and findings with in order to receive feedback and direction.


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