Jean-Marc Baudoux, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

After carefully comparing courses on offer, he chose to study a Master of Business Administration (MBA) part-time at LSBU. 

Already working and living in London, coming to LSBU allowed Jean-Marc to fit in his studies at times that suited him. He was also drawn to the content of the units on offer and the flexibility of course content through elective modules where he chose his preferences. And it certainly seems that he made the right decision. Within just 12 months of starting a new job, his employer, Thomson Reuters, awarded him as their Manager of the Year.

Learning as a lifelong process

Jean-Marc particularly enjoyed working with LSBU's teaching staff. He feels their passion and commitment to the course and their students attributed to his own personal development. "I learned that it's never too late to study. Learning is a lifelong process – and many lecturers were a living example of this.

In particular, Jean-Marc enjoyed the module Business Process and Organisational Design (BPOD). "An MBA should have some component that deals with complex decision making and also deals with the human side of organisations, not just numbers and facts. Both Human Resources Management (HRM) and BPOD modules ticked the boxes."

Being able to manage work, family and study part-time requires plenty of work, acknowledges Jean-Marc. "The program is very demanding, even if you have good management experience. Get your significant other and/or family to understand what time commitments will be required of you. It's not a sprint; it's a marathon. Especially if you study part time."

Manager of the Year

After securing his new job with Thomson Reuters while he was studying – Jean-Marc attributed the HRM and general Marketing module as helping him get through the interview process with ease. "My confidence levels went up and I was much better equipped to ask relevant questions. The MBA programme also helped me better understand a change process my new employer was undergoing at the time."

After only 12 months in his role, Jean-Marc was awarded Manager of the Year, awarded by senior sales management after each division Vice President nominates a candidate for consideration. Part of the recognition is based on results such as meeting sales targets, but also less tangible qualities such as commitment, conduct, going beyond one's role, and representing the company's values.

"I think contributing factors were my sense of commitment, plus my ability to select and recruit a successful team with 100% retention. I also showed I had and ambition as I volunteered for several projects beyond my normal work and helped to bring about a needed cultural change in the sales organisation which was noticed and appreciated by the new sales management team."Jean-Marc believes that the all-round teaching of his MBA helped him feel more comfortable to tackle a range of diverse problems, giving him the skills that he didn't previously have.


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