‘Insiders’ or ‘outsiders’? Lone mothers of children from mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds

SPAN is an independent network organisation representing the diversity of single parent families throughout the UK.

This ESRC project seeks insights into the everyday experiences of 30 lone mothers of children from mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds in three differing neighbourhoods in an English city.

Drawing on Census data and in-depth interviews with the mothers, the research will explore how mothers' understandings and negotiations of their children's racial and ethnic identities are shaped, supported or challenged by social attitudes to racial or ethnic mixing in their neighbourhoods.

The project also investigates the challenges of conducting research around 'mixedness' generally, particularly regarding the commonalities and specificities of experience across different mixes and circumstances.

The project is carried out on behalf of LSBU's Families and Social Capital Research Group. To find out more about this work, read our case study on the Mixedness of Britannia and read about the academic leading the work, Dr Chamion Caballero, in our People Finder. You can also search our People Finder for academics researching in this area.


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