Elle Knifton, BSc Hons Adult Nursing, placement opportunities

Taking an unorthodox route to study at LSBU, Elle overcame disappointments initially and despite getting through her GCSE's with ease, Elle struggled at A-Level. "I took Chemistry, P.E., Psychology and Mathematics thinking I'd breezed through them at GCSE so would do the same at A-Level. Quite early on it became apparent this was not the case and I wasn't quite as clever as I thought! I just missed out on the UCAS points to apply for Nursing at LSBU so had to take a gap year and re-take two of my subjects."

After a long year of re-takes, Elle got the grades she needed and applied again. In the meantime, she worked a mainstream primary within a special school unit. She worked with children with varying degrees of disabilities from autism and cerebral palsy to Downs Syndrome and dyspraxia.

"I loved my work at the school and it really gave me an idea of what kind of nursing I wanted to go into. For starters this definitely made me realise I wanted to work with adults! The children were fantastic but adults are much easier to treat. I got to see the children go through all kinds of treatment and I knew I wanted to be involved in this in my career."

Unparalleled facilities

Elle first encountered LSBU through UCAS Extra. "When you are going through UCAS extra or clearing you can't afford to be too picky and it opened my eyes up to some great universities, LSBU being one of them."

There were two main reasons Elle chose LSBU. "One was the location. I'm a farmer girl from a small countryside village. I wanted to experience what city life was like and London was certainly the best place to do that. The second reason was the facilities available. I'd seen nursing facilities at other universities on open days and none of them came close to what LSBU offered."

Placed with the best hospitals

The first placement Elle undertook as part of the course was in communications at an outpatients ward at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. The outpatients ward isn't what most student nurses see themselves doing, but it is much busier then I'd imagined. You still get the collapses and the codes; you just get the time to perfect your observation skills in-between. I do love all the placements I'm given and being at LSBU means you get the best hospitals to work in."

When Elle graduates, she hopes to return to her training hospital, ideally to work in A&E or neurology. "Nursing is definitely the best career out there; I would recommend it to anyone. Be prepared to work hard and you'll have anecdotes for life!"


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