Chris Nunn, MA Digital Film

"It's important that during that developmental stage, while you study to hone your craft, that your work gets recognition," Chris Nunn says.

Providing a platform for promising young screenwriters, directors, producers and actors to gain exposure, Chris has been Screentest's festival director for the past three years - and a former winner himself.

Founded in Bristol in 2004, Chris was responsible for bringing Screentest to London. Now every year more than 100 short films from young filmmakers across the country are screened in LSBU's Student Centre, the social hub of the campus.

"Screentest made the move to London to enhance its national status and reach both the film industry and student population," he says. "The response has been fantastic - we've had record submissions and record attendances."

Chris completed both his Masters and Bachelor's degree in digital film and video at LSBU. Having recently graduated, he now has plans of further study with a long-term ambition to work in film curation or teaching.

"I'm thinking about going on to do my PhD and, having taught filmmaking at an LSBU summer school, becoming an academic.

"I've loved my time at LSBU and the location is awesome, just a stone's throw from the heart of central London. I also feel like the staff have a lot of time to help students and that's very important."

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