Charli Sumner-Bedford, BA (Hons) Drama and Performance, on working with professional directors

The practical, hands-on nature of our BA (Hons) Drama and Performance degree means that students are given plenty of opportunities to put their learning into practice. That was certainly the case for Charli Summer-Bedford, a second year student who starred as Lady Macbeth in the London South Bank University (LSBU) Student Theatre Company's performance of Macbeth in 2014.

Working with professional directors

The production was directed by Simon Pittman of Rough Fiction Theatre and Frantic Assembly, and Charli is quick to pay testament to the importance of working with professional directors. 

"It was great motivation to be working with a professional director, who expected such a high standard in the rehearsal room," said Charli.

Real progress

"As someone who aspires to work in the industry, I made real progress in terms of understanding the text and delivering a truthful performance," she continued. "I was encouraged to think beyond my own learning and the impact I would like to have in education, or at least making Shakespeare exciting for young people – be it through performance, workshops, or as a theatre actress."

Great connections

It was the possibilities that LSBU offers for becoming involved in such projects that initially attracted Charli when it came to applying to universities. 

"I was always interested in performance, so LSBU really stood out for me. Being in the middle of London is ideal for making great connections and networking, and opportunities like a residency with Frantic Assembly add great value to your studies."

Important relationships

Charli is adamant that she wants to stay involved in the arts and believes that the background she has gained from her time at LSBU gives her an excellent chance of making it happen. 

"I'm not one of those people who looks to the future and pictures themselves wearing a suit and working in an office," she said. "Instead my dream is to earn a living through the arts. I think that my time at LSBU can help me achieve this. I've learned lots, applied it to my performances, and established important relationships with influential contacts. Hopefully that will all stand me in good stead when it comes to starting my career."


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