Carlos Antunes, ACCA Professional Papers programme

He chose to study Professional Accounting at LSBU, which was developed into ACCA Professional Papers programme, in order to enhance his career prospects, although he was also interested in many aspects of the course. With his employer funding his studies through the Employer Sponsored scheme, Carlos managed to successfully negotiate working full-time and studying.

Work and study balance

Carlos found studying for a degree on a part-time basis and working in full-time employment challenging. It required extreme dedication, good organisation and planning. There were always work commitments during the week, so most of his study took place during the weekends. This had an impact on his social life, but he balanced this by focusing on the benefits of completing his degree.

Student of the Year

At the end of his second year Carlos was awarded Student of the Year for his performance on the course. "It is something I am really proud of, but it took a lot of dedication." During the university's exam period, with the support of his company, Carlos took three weeks off work and dedicated himself to preparing for his exams - it paid off. Carlos achieved strong results and received £50 from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) for winning the prize.

Overcoming barriers

In his final year, Carlos had to spend some time in hospital. This disrupted his schedule; he missed some lectures and was unable to submit some coursework on time. However, after approaching members of staff about his situation, Carlos was full of praise, "They were very helpful and accommodating." Staff allowed him to submit his coursework at a later date and ensured all copies of relevant lectures were kept for him once he was able to return to study.

Carlos is hoping now he has finished studying at LSBU that he will be able to go on and complete his final ACCA exams, which will open up doors for him. Find out more about employer-sponsored study at LSBU and visit our ACCA website.


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