Andreas Dafnides, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Andreas decided to study an MBA as, not only is it an important CV milestone but it also gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams.  "An MBA is a prestigious degree that gives you opportunity to learn more about the global economy and get in-depth knowledge of the corporate world."

Great place to live

One of the main reasons Andreas chose LSBU was because of its location and his desire to study in London. "Being in the centre of London, one of the world's financial metropolises and being able to interact with other international students, I believe were the most important factors for choosing this MBA. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A great place to live and study."

Andreas's passion for the arts was another major factor in his decision to live in London. "It is one of the world's most vibrant centres of contemporary art, music and theatres. While staying here you can visit numerous galleries, museums and theatres – a great example is the university's neighbour, Tate Modern."

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Enjoy LSBU's character

After being accepted onto the course, Andreas discovered another benefit of studying at LSBU – the range of diversity on the course. "The opportunity to work in teams with people coming from different industries, cultures, religions, mentalities is just priceless. I've now learnt to respect other cultures and find ways to connect, work and interact with different people. Understanding different cultures and obtaining the skills to work with different people is equally important with the knowledge that you get from the courses."


For Andreas, his dissertation was by far the most challenging, yet positive, experience. "The opportunity to apply concepts, theories and practises you learned during the course and the chance to work in a real project was definitely one of the best experiences. My dissertation topic was Effective selection: A comparison between the UK and Cyprus. The dissertation attempted to provide an analysis of the key aspects of all elements of the selection process, and mainly to analyse the selection methods that employers can use to select the right person for a job."


After graduating, Andreas quickly secured a position as a Solution Sales specialist for NCR Corporation. They are a consumer transaction technologies company, headquartered in Georgia, USA with over 26,000 employees and active in 180 countries. Andreas is responsible for selling the Payment Solutions portfolio: cheque truncation and document management solutions, to commercial and Central banks within the Middle East and Africa region. Parts of his responsibilities are to build and maintain customer relationships, which can include proposing, negotiating and closing deals. All a logical extension of his MBA experience.


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