Alpha Diallo, MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Originally from the Ivory Coast, after some research he decided to study an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in London. He then looked for a way to make his CV stand out from the crowd.

Going global

For Alpha, the international make-up of the MBA at LSBU was an important factor in his decision to study there. One example was the "Going Global Project" in the International Management module that particularly captivated him.

The project looked at the opportunities for Asian-inspired noodle restaurant Wagamama to directly enter the German restaurant market using its brand. Their first step was for Alpha's group to evaluate the German market as a whole, and they determined that the cuisine there is relatively small but it represents a big opportunity even though there has been a vast increase in the amount of restaurants opening in the last decade.

The group's key influences were Wagamama operations already in Belgium, but their benchmark was another restaurant chain – Vapiano. From this research they'd recommend to Wagamama that they could enter the German restaurant market, with franchising considered as the least risky entry strategy to the market. They also recommended at that stage to avoid the complexities and extra investment and to opt for having a Wholly Owned Subsidiary. The group also recommended Berlin as the first location for the operation in Germany.

Magical city

On a broader scale, Alpha was inspired by his classmates on the course, and learnt qualities he has taken forward with him since graduating to make him a stronger candidate. "I understood that Diversity in team and cultural differences could build synergy and create unexpected positive results. I certainly enjoyed the intercultural mixture with other students and the internationally oriented programme."

It helped Alpha's time at LSBU as well that he instantly fell in love with London. "It is a truly beautiful city with some of the most magnificent buildings in the world. London is a free, great and magic city. It is populous and diverse; the city's population is made up of all different ethnicities. The lifestyle, the design, the beauty of the city, the kindness of the people – all make it magical."

Personal progress

Alpha has now graduated and has already secured an improved position – working for Maxam West Africa as a Finance Manager. He appreciates the role studying at LSBU has played in his success. "The LSBU MBA has helped me to articulate personal goals and evaluate progress towards my achievements, become more effective, independent and a confident self-directed professional. Finally it's improved my general skills and career development."

Alpha has advice for future MBA students at LSBU. "LSBU is offering you a good and valuable internationally oriented MBA programme through practice oriented teaching in a great environment. So for you LSBU is a better choice!"


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