Alessandra Sciarra, BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies, student representative

Alessandra Sciarra was attracted to LSBU's BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies because she had heard that it offered a genuine alternative to more traditional degrees in the subject. "Many of the recommendations I had heard about the course focused on how different it was," she says.

"The lecturing team used alternative teaching methods, and many of the lectures covered non-traditional subjects that really give a broad education in the area. The academic staff were all very helpful, and explained lecture topics in great detail so that everyone in the group understands what was expected of them."

Interesting lectures

It's an approach that is in stark contrast with many other universities, as Alessandra has discovered: "I had friends at other universities, and their lectures were much more conservative. I feel that the way my lectures at LSBU were structured and delivered was much more interesting, and I enjoyed learning much more as a result."

Broad outlook

The broad outlook of the course is something that Alessandra also believes will help her in the future. "We looked at everything as part of the course – world cinema, media law, globalisation and much more. Studying a degree that combined such interesting subject matter has really helped me to make the most of my education," she says.

Excellent background

"It will open more doors for me in the future, because I have a broader understanding with the freedom to specialise in one particular area. Combining the theoretical and political elements of media with the practicality of film keeps your options open while still giving you an excellent background to build your career from."

Student representative

Alessandra also made the most of the chance to become involved in the course herself, and volunteered as one of our student representatives. "It was great to be able to get involved in that side of my education too," she says. "We had regular meetings with the lecturing team and raised queries and questions on behalf of the student body that were subsequently put to the board, along with our feedback on ways to make the course even better."

Global education

Having undertaken part of her education in her native Italy before coming to London via a year travelling, Alessandra is keen to continue her global education. She was been able to incorporate her wanderlust into her studies too. "During my time at LSBU, I spent two months in Pondicherry, India, as part of an internship," she says. "I was working for a not-for-profit organisation called Development in Action, and much of my work focused around empowering women through a micro-loans scheme. It helped with my studies too; when I returned to the UK I worked on a short documentary for Development in Action that looked at female empowerment and micro-loans."


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