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Sarah Bogle, MSc Mental Health and Clinical Psychology

How one student’s journey has taken her from Austria and Germany – via Peru and the USA – to a Masters at LSBU and a placement with Bromley healthcare

After finishing her undergraduate psychology degree (which she started in Austria and completed in Germany), Sarah Bogle found herself considering her next move. “After completing my degree I spent two months volunteering as a psychologist assistant in a rehabilitation centre for addiction treatment in Cusco, Peru,” she says.  After a spell travelling Europe and the USA, Sarah found herself being drawn back to education.

Practical focus

“I chose to study at LSBU because I was particularly interested in the MSc Mental Health and Clinical Psychology course,” says Sarah. “The focus is very practical, with a mandatory placement as part of the course, and I was particularly impressed by how highly the experiences of service users are valued. In fact, one module on the course is called ‘Experts by Experience’ and largely delivered by service users.”

Mandatory placement

Sarah feels that the work placement will make her more employable in the long term. “I spend one day a week working at Bromley Healthcare, for the whole academic year,” she says. “I only started a few weeks ago, and I’m shadowing a therapist’s work, including individual counselling sessions and taking part in supervision. I’m hoping to gain disorder-specific knowledge as Bromley specializes in anxiety and depressive disorders. My supervisor plans on assigning me to a research project regarding cognitive behavior therapy online training.”

Professional backgrounds

Sarah’s placement is also testament to the professional backgrounds of many of our academic staff. “I was placed at Bromley by the director of the placement module, James Binnie,” she explains. “He used to work there, and personally recommended me to one of his former colleagues.”

The course director Paula Reavey is very knowledgeable, and all the staff are highly qualified. Our emails are answered quickly and we can chat with our lecturers whenever we need advice.

Sarah Bogle

Plans for the future

Sarah is enjoying her studies so much that she intends to carry on her education to PhD level. “I’d like to do a PhD in Clinical Psychology,” she says when asked about her plans for the future. “I’m really interested in emotional experiences related to psychosis and qualitative research.”

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