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Jean-Marque Erasmus

The Designer

BSc Product Design

In the last ten years, Jean-Marque has had the pleasure of working in many different industries from manufacturing to catering. He prides himself in his work as a designer, and he is always striving for the next big challenge.


Major Project

Self-sustainable Solar Street Light for Refugee/ Disaster camps - The Slight is being created to bring a self-sustainable lighting solution to the refugee camp where electricity is had to access and to help reduce health and safety within the camps at night-time.


Secondary Project

The project was done at the end of my second year, and it was about Holographic display’s within consumers household. It was a wooden table with modern technology when the hologram is not being used if forms an ordinary coffee table but when one wants to show of it turn into a holographic table for entertainment.


Manual Machine work, Manufacturing



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