We're committed to maintaining the highest standards of research governance

Standards are achieved through a number of established procedures and ethical guidelines that all staff, students and research collaborators must fully comply with.

Our Research Code of Practice

All research studies with human participants that LSBU staff and students take part in must receive ethical approval to ensure they conform with the principles set out in the LSBU Code of Practice for Research with Human Participants (PDF File 423 KB). If you are external to LSBU and have any enquiries about carrying out research at LSBU contact our University Ethics Panel (UEP):

Ethical Guidelines

The University expects all research applicants to acknowledge which set of professional or regulatory ethical guidelines they use to prepare their application for review and guide their research practice. Full information about Research Ethics for current students at LSBU is available in our student portal, MyLSBU.

University Ethics Panel

Our Research Code of Practice and Ethical Guidelines are governed by the UEP. It considers the ethical implications of proposals to carry out investigations on human participants.

Their Terms of Reference are to:

  • consider the general ethical issues relating to the University's teaching and research that involves human participants
  • devise a code of Practice for these investigations to be approved by our Health and Safety Committee and Board of Governors). Once approved, the code is to be kept under constant review
  • consider the ethical implications of any proposals involving investigations on human participants
  • advise staff and students on ethical considerations
  • consider methods and participant numbers of any investigation

If you would like to apply for an ethical review for your research or need further information about our research ethics procedures email the UEP at

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