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Property, Construction and Surveying Theme

Diverse student interests in the field are combined with the dynamics of exchange between global and local practice

The diversity of students interested in this field, combined with the dynamics of exchange between global and local practice provide an excellent basis for powerful wide-ranging research themes.

The theme focuses on the innovative application of advances in pure and social sciences to problems and issues found in the property, construction and surveying industry, for its suppliers and its clients as a means of improving understanding and performance.

Applied benefits from research

Among the construction research topics, one research theme focused on improving construction site productivity and processes to eliminate waste. Research has resulted in the development of a novel approach to optimise heavy plant and equipment selection for open cast mining and major earthmoving operations. Further research is underway in this category, covering human and organisational behaviour, health and safety on construction sites as well as in the general area of Construction Project Management.

Other work focuses on managing human error in construction failures and defects and applying technology to satisfy the needs of elderly people with disabilities. Work conducted on error pathology in a project context has led to an improved understanding of the impact and performance of managerial factors and the systemic nature of error occurrence on house-building projects.

More recently, new areas of research have been established within the built environment area of interest. Work currently underway within LifRE includes a research project investigating the role and activity of German Open Ended funds in the City of London property market. IBEA's research activities include conference organisation and research on the role and importance of sharing knowledge, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in the Property, Surveying and Construction industry. The BIM Centre on the other hand, was established in early 2012 to provide a modern facility within the department to support integrated teaching, research and enterprise.

Research themes

  • Construction Project Management (Shamil Naoum and Daniel Fogg)
  • Innovation and the Built Environment (Dr Mahtab Farshchi and Mary-Jane Rooney)
  • Architecture and construction history (Malcolm Dunkeld and Paul Davies)
  • Aging, Disability and Safety in the Built Environment (Andy Atkinson)
  • BIM (Steve Pittard, Martin Lake, Mary-Jane Rooney and Federico Rossi)
  • Behavioural Finance (Diago Salzman and Liz Whelan)
  • Property Market and Investment Analysis in the City of London (Martin Lake)
  • Comparability and consistency in international property valuations (Lynne Michael)
  • Housing market, housing policy, land market (Gu Guowei)
  • Designing for Mental Health Hospitals (Liz Whelan)
  • Laser Technology applications in the built environment (Ali Bayyati)


Dr Shamil Naoum