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Management Education

Research covers two main areas - the practice of business and management education and issues of Higher Education management and organisation

UK Higher Education (HE) is currently operating within an environment of seemingly continuous change and uncertainty. Because of this it must evolve to meet the continuously changing demands of society and government. Over the last two decades employment patterns have changed significantly, and there is a need for a more highly trained and educated workforce. At the same time, the Government has demanded greater university accountability for the public funds they spend, which has in turn placed an emphasis on management practices and the measurement of education quality. 

The practice of business and management education has direct impact on the classroom learning experience of students. The group explores effective pedagogic practice for learning, assessment and support of business and management courses together with the underlying disciplines that provide the ladders for higher level study.

The group also looks at the use of systems thinking to explore issues of education management and organisation which, although not primarily classroom based, will still impact the student experience. The group is focused on identifying intervention points which can influence the student experience and support the educational requirements of our diverse student body.  

Key Collaborations

Links with Academic Institutions

  • National Committee (Scotland) for the Professionalisation of E-health with The Scottish Government, The Cabinet Office and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Edited book Higher Education and Operational Research with Peter Galbraith University of Queensland
  • Strategic IS Management with authors from Groningen University, Bentley University, Glasgow Caledonian, Kingston, Birkbeck, Brunel, West of Scotland, Cranfield, and Directors from Deloitte and NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Institute of Optimum Nutrition
development and launch of commercial nutrition advisory services
development of online publishing services and an on-line cross-disciplinary community of experts
develop an e-commerce platform with stock management and logistics systems