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Lived Experiences in Mental Health and Distress

Researching how individuals cope with experiences of mental distress

This group researches lived experiences of mental distress, centring on how individuals interpret, embody, manage and live with them. An integral part of these investigations is the close examination of professional relationships and identities of staff and service users, in the context of delivering interventions. The team is engaged in a variety of diverse research projects across a number of NHS trusts and voluntary organisations, with an in-depth focus on in-patient psychiatric and community settings. Projects include examining the impact of familial and intimate relationships on treatment and recovery, the role of emotions in the development and maintenance of mental distress and the impact of space and setting on well-being.

A further feature of this group is its use of innovative methodologies including action research and visual methods. Such eclectic and innovative research is bound together by a common goal of pushing forwards the boundaries of theory, while maximising its impact on society.

For more information about the range and scope of our work and how we may collaborate with you, contact Professor Paula Reavey. Search for her and other members working in the area of Lived Experience in Mental Health and Distress in our People Finder.