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Health, Acoustics and Communications Engineering (HACE)

Research is concerned with three main areas; Acoustics, Communication systems and Biomedical engineering

Researchers are involved in the application of engineering to the monitoring of health, and to the investigation and mitigation of various health effects; and to improvement in the efficiency of various forms of communication in different environments. We have strong collaborative research links with the health, telecommunication and acoustic industries; with academia, music colleges and orchestras; with clinical institutions; and with government departments.

Key achievements

  • £1.7 million in external research grants/contracts and 168 publications since 2008.
  • £1.6 million collaborative EPSRC grant for research on remote techniques for more intelligent energy usage within dwellings.
  • £0.66 million EPSRC funding for collaborative research on acoustic design of secondary schools informing the revision to Building Regulations.
  • New prediction and testing methodology, and guidelines, for speech intelligibility of voice alarm systems now applied to 74 stations on the London Underground.
  • Recognition of research through 6 prestigious national and international awards and prizes.


Effects of noise on health, hearing and education; speech intelligibility.
Biomedical Engineering and Communications (BiMEC)
Communications: ultra wideband (UWB), wireless and optical systems and their applications in communication networks; design and development of medical and healthcare instrumentation.
Bioengineering: non-destructive measurement technologies for in-vivo skin and physiological studies.