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Environmental and Energy Engineering

Bringing together active researchers with expertise in water science and engineering, air quality, geotechnical engineering and energy engineering

The formation of this group of academics supports two key strategic research aims. Firstly, it fosters collaborations of researchers with complementary expertise to address current complex environmental and energy issues, at interfaces between traditional disciplines. Key environmental challenges, such as environmental pollution and energy crisis are most effectively addressed using integrated approaches. Secondly, the group created a critical mass for innovative research and teaching to train the next generations of environmental and energy engineers.

Members of the group have published around 80 journal articles and many book chapters in the last 5 years. Members act as assessors for various funding organisations, including being members of peer review colleges for NERC and EPSRC, the EU and international bodies. Current development includes a major investment in petroleum engineering to accommodate its expanding popularity as a provision of master research degree programme. A new master programme on water quality is actively being formulated to meet the demand for water technologists.

Key achievements

  • £1.22M in external research grants/contracts and 82 publications since 2008
  • Pioneered a new, patented and commercialised upflow multi-layer bio-reactor/oxic process for treating high-strength wastewater currently producing a turnover of £3.2M pa for Ecodigm Ltd
  • Synthesised a new environmentally friendly disinfectant which is in commercial production
  • Developed a wavelet data processing algorithm licensed by a software Multinational (EPS Weatherford) and now used by the oil industry worldwide


  • Geo-Environmental Engineering Numerical modelling and laboratory testing of unsaturated soils and waste materials.
  • Water and Air Quality Development of analytical methods, computational modelling and technology for water and air quality and water resources; wastewater treatment process design and control.
  • Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings
  • Energy Engineering

Key Members