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Developmental Disorders

Investigating remembering, thinking and reasoning in developmental disorders

These academics work as part of LSBU's Centre for Research in Psychology and so is part of our Institute for Social Science Research. It investigate the development of remembering, thinking and reasoning in individuals who have a range of developmental disorders. For example, several related projects are investigating 'executive functioning' in children and young people with specific language impairment, Williams syndrome, Down syndrome and intellectual disability. Executive functioning refers to a range of complex thinking skills relevant to dealing with novel situations that include: planning new solutions; focusing on and remembering relevant information and switching attention as necessary.

This work has a range of external and internal funding  from the likes of the ESRC, Leverhulme Trust, LSBU PhD bursary and Williams Syndrome Foundation. The research is providing an in-depth comparative examination of higher order thinking and reasoning skills in young people with developmental disorders. Further work by this group is investigating dyslexia in children and adults.

The Director of the group is Dr James Smith-Spark. Search for his and other members working in the field of Development Disorders in our People Finder.