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Applied and Developmental Cognition

This group researches how cognitive processes unfold during development from infancy into adulthood and their application to real-world problems. Currently funded applied research includes an investigation into the causes of human errors in quality control procedures in the packaging of fresh produce. This work, conducted in partnership with a leading UK supermarket chain, seeks to use principles derived from the study of perception, attention, and memory to understand and minimise these errors.

Current developmental work examines cognitive processes in children with developmental disorders (e.g., Specific Language Impairment and Williams’ Syndrome) and also the continued impact of impairments in adulthood (e.g., developmental dyslexia).

For more information about the range and scope of our work and how we may collaborate with you, contact Dr Jamie Smith-Spark. Search for him and other members working in the area of Applied and Developmental Cognition in our People Finder.

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