International exchanges

LSBU has a range of partner universities from across the globe

Students are able to undertake an International Exchange during the following points in their degree:

  • Semester 2 of year 1
  • Semester 1 of year 2
  • Semester 2 of year 2
  • Summer between year 2 and 3
  • In a sandwich year of a 4 year course

The modules you take while abroad will contribute to your LSBU degree, which means that completing a Study Abroad programme doesn’t have to impact the length of your LSBU course.

If you are a current LSBU student and would like to learn more about the opportunities available to you, please visit the information on International Exchange at MyLSBU.


We are happy for you to list your preferred institutions. However, the placement you’re offered depends on a number of factors, including your LSBU degree programme, the time period in which you’ll complete your International Exchange, and your application.

For more information about the International Exchange programme, including how to apply and the universities available to you, please visit the MyLSBU International Exchange section.

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