Criminal Conviction Declaration

Before becoming eligible to enrol, you’ll need to complete a criminal conviction declaration questionnaire. Although it is our policy to request information on unspent criminal convictions from our offer holders, declaring one will not automatically prevent you from enrolling onto a course at LSBU.

You may have already been asked this question when you submitted your online application. We do apologise for the duplication in this request but we need to collect this information again for audit purposes.

Why do we ask for this information?

  • To ensure that the admissions process is fair, inclusive and transparent;
  • To help to identify and minimise any risk to the safety of staff, students and visitors;
  • To protect the University’s property;
  • To enable the University to assess eligibility for admission to, and ability to complete, courses.

Before completing the questionnaire, please read through the information below. The deadline to complete the task is 18 September 2019.

Take the questionnaire.

Even if you do not have a Criminal Conviction, you still need to do the questionnaire or this may affect your eligibility to enrol onto your course.

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