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LSBU 2021 Progression Scholarship

Our focus is to support our students with career success and lifelong learning. In a competitive and crowded marketplace, a postgraduate qualification will help students stand out from the crowd, demonstrate advanced further learning and enhance prospects.

We are thrilled to initiate the 2021 Progression Scholarship for students graduating in academic year 2020/21 to start Postgraduate study from Autumn 2021.

Where the academic background for Postgraduate study are met this scholarship will equal 50% of tuition fee on a postgraduate taught course (PGT) at LSBU.

More information about Postgraduate study at LSBU

Application and Eligibility

Existing and graduated LSBU students may not need to complete a full application and so can apply for postgraduate study via Please include LSBU student ID, current/previous undergraduate course and postgraduate course applying for.

The LSBU Progression Scholarship will automatically be awarded when you successfully enrol, as long as you meet the criteria.

Students must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the Scholarship. These are subject to the exceptions listed below:


  • All LSBU students who completed their undergraduate course with LSBU in the 20/21 academic year, meet the academic background for PGT study and successfully apply for a postgraduate taught course at LSBU for the 21/22 academic year.

Please note that eligibility for the 2021 Progression Scholarship does not mean automatic admission onto a postgraduate course. All graduates who successfully qualify under the 2021 Progression Scholarship will still be subject to the Enrolment Terms and Conditions and any other policies or procedures that apply to all LSBU students.

Eligibility exceptions

  • This scholarship does not apply to MRes, MPhil or PhD studies.
  • This 2021 Progression Scholarship applies for students starting courses in the 21/22 academic year.
  • Students already receiving an LSBU postgraduate scholarship or any other funding (such as an International Scholarship) are not eligible to apply for this scholarship as well.

Where exceptions apply, please see LSBU’s Loyalty Award and other scholarships for alternatives you may be eligible for.

Home and EU students

In the circumstances below you would not be eligible:

  • Postgraduate courses where fees are paid via a contract negotiated with LSBU, such as a health authority
  • Postgraduate courses lasting fewer than 12 months
  • Continuing students already enrolled on a postgraduate course at LSBU
  • Students who have already been granted an alumni/loyalty reduction for previous study
  • Courses where the award is Level 6 or below
  • Non-publicly funded courses

Please note: the scholarship does not cover any registration fees or residential costs or any other costs or fees that may apply beyond the tuition fee. Please check to see whether additional costs apply to your chosen course.

Overseas students

In the circumstances below you would not be eligible:

  • Students who have already been granted an alumni/loyalty discount for previous study
  • Students in receipt of any other International scholarships

Non-EU students who need a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK will need to submit a formal application. For more information, current students can log on to the MyLSBU student portal.

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