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Applying for sponsored study is pretty standard for most undergraduate and postgraduate students

Applying for sponsored study is similar to other university courses and is done through UCAS for most undergraduate courses and UKPASS for most postgraduate students. Find out how to apply as an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

When you apply, mark on your application the name of one of our Courses Directors if you have already talked to them. We can then process your application without delay by verifying the information you provide us with them. At enrolment, we will also need you, as the employee, to provide evidence of your sponsorship by a letter from your organisation on its official letterhead. To find out more about our courses complete a course search.

For employees seeking help in making a business case to their line manager for study sponsorship, call 020 7815 6136 and we will help you draw up a letter with the relevant tuition fee and course information.

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