"Don’t stop, keeping going. Be grateful for what you’ve achieved so far. Be grateful for where you are." >

Abo's story

"The experience you get as a student, the life of a student, the communication between student and tutor, you cannot find it anywhere else." >

Marija's story

"University has set me up to work hard, know what I need to do, and chase after those goals.">

Alton's story

"Juggling full-time study and parenthood is hard but I felt really supported by LSBU. I know there was always someone I could ask for help when I needed it.">

Anna's story

"LSBU showed me that I can achieve things. I can achieve qualifications and I can achieve success if I put my mind to it." >

Hai's story

"The University prepares you to be a professional." Find out how LSBU helped Emilie to build Bizzie Bodies through its enterprise scheme.>

Emilie's story
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