Supplying LSBU

We spend approximately £40 million a year with external providers, across wide ranging goods, services and works

Suppliers, especially small businesses, may not know where to start to sell their goods or services to the University. That's where our central Procurement Services Team comes in.

Our Procurement Service sits within our Finance Department and focuses on corporate supply chain strategies, best practice and knowledge sharing while leaving individual departments and faculties to place orders and make tactical procurement decisions.

Our procurement approach

LSBU's Procurement Services Strategic Plan sets out how the University's Procurement Services will achieve its vision of becoming a recognised centre of excellence and a visible contributor to LSBU's success.

The strategic plan outlines how procurement will play its part in delivery the University's Corporate Strategy, focusing on 3 priority outcomes: embed student needs and values; empower staff; and be agile, innovative, efficient and commercial.

The Procurement Services Team have implemented a category management structure, where spend categories are supported by dedicated procurement professionals. Category Managers work with Departments and Schools to develop the category strategies and deliver improvements to enhance value for money, and the overall success of the University.


LSBU has a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. Procurement is involved in various initiatives to help prevent Fraud – both internally to the University and to the profession in general. The Head of Procurement represents Education on a British Standards Institution (BSI) committee to develop guidance for Procurement Fraud, and sits on the Higher Education anti-fraud working group.

The University is committed to the provision of equality for all, valuing diversity across all the dimensions of difference. Please view our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy (PDF File 257 KB) to find out more about the arrangements we have in place to ensure all who study and work here do so free of discrimination. This requirement for treating everyone equally expands to those we do business with.

Modern slavery statement

This statement (PDF File 59 KB) sets out the steps LSBU is taking with the aim that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place within its supply chain or business.

Ethical and sustainable initiatives

Living Wage


University staff uniforms

Electronics Watch

IT supply chains

Sustainable procurement practices

NET Positive

Responsible Procurement Advisory Group

Get in touch

LSBU strives to ensure that their procurement processes are fair, transparent and free from any form of corruption. If you have any concerns that a University procurement process involved fraud, please contact one of the following:

  • Head of Procurement Services – 020 7815 6368
  • Financial Controller – 020 7815 6316
  • University Secretary – 020 7815 6012

Enhancing student employability

Procurement Services aim to join up the University's supply base with wider initiatives to increase the employability of our students.  If you are interested in helping to improve the employability of our students, through providing lectures, placement opportunities, CV tips etc., contact Procurement at or call 020 7815 6017.