HSIL online delivery

Due to the pandemic we have reshaped our programmes and developed new ways of delivering our work online.

The Health Systems Innovation Lab have engaged with a number of graphic capture/facilitators for different sorts of work, we are using Zoom, Breakouts, Whatsapp,  shared document work on Google Drive, whiteboards and visualisers.

We have created some advice on how to get the most from your online workshop:

Set-up before the workshop

It is well worth spending ten minutes setting up your work area for the workshop. Some considerations when doing so:

  • Find an area where you can work in peace. Others will be able to hear and see you so where possible, avoid interruptions.
  • Use a laptop/computer rather than a phone. A second screen is also useful if you have one. For example, presentation materials can be on one screen with participants on the other.
  • Try to arrange the camera height so it is at eye level and not facing directly up your nose. Try using books to adjust the height.
  • Position lighting so that it is in front of you (or work in front of a window).
  • Use headphones with a built-in microphone if possible. This will vastly improve your audio for others.
  • Use the technical check in time at the beginning of the workshop to give you enough time to resolve any technical problems.
  • Contact the Health Lab (healthlab@lsbu.ac.uk) if you have any set-up problems before or during.

During the workshop

The sessions will start promptly. Please ensure you are prepared and ready for each session.

  • We have designed the sessions so there are frequent and lengthy breaks to give you the opportunity to take a comfort break and put on a cuppa!
  • There will be a mix of large group and small group formats, your host will guide you through this.
  • The online platform features options for changing your viewing format. For example a gallery view that allows you to see all participants at the same time.
  • The audio, video and chat may be recorded during the live sessions. This will be distributed after the session. This is for your own participant use only, and not for further distribution or broadcast by any means. Recordings will not be made of the action learning sessions.

The host might decide to mute you during the session but you will be able to communicate with hosts and fellows during in a number of ways:

  • You can ‘put your hand up’ using the raise hand function in Zoom. The host will then unmute you.
  • There is also chat and question functionality in Zoom where you can type in any points, links or queries you wish to make.

While we will always set out to be well prepared for a video call it is also important to consider that finding a quiet spot that is well lit and having a laptop rather than a phone is more difficult for some than others. If there are interruptions, (the dog barking at the postman, or a child/person with special needs seeking help or guidance) we need to be forgiving together and then also to stay focused on the task and get back on track as soon as possible.

Download the full document (PDF File 54 KB)