What is the Universal Healthcare Network?

Title: What is the Universal Healthcare Network

THE Universal Healthcare Network at LSBU is a network of senior NHS leaders, community leaders, and thought leaders – linked by the Health Systems Innovation Lab at the university – who want to do something about the NHS’s provision of universal healthcare.

The network aims to show the reality of inequalities in service provision, and work through how best to shape services that are designed around people’s health needs.
They do this by:
* AMPLIFYING AND MAKING VISIBLE: They collectively make this issue visible, though this network and from the power of our own institutions.
* COMMUNITY-BUILDING: They are growing a community of interest around this issue.
* CONVENING: They are convening a learning community at the level of place by working with committed health systems to find pragmatic and practical service models to make universal healthcare a reality. They are answering the question: ‘What if we designed health services with a focus on reducing inequalities as a core design principle?’
* RESOURCING: They are collaborating to create a ‘practice network’ on Universal Healthcare.