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Prof. Becky Malby, Professor of Health Systems Innovation, maintains a personal blog. Posts include:

Research and papers

Sustainability and Transformation Plans. How serious are the proposals? A critical review.

NHS finance: Creating a culture of innovation

Innovation and research in complex systems

Longitudinal Study of the Impact of the London Darzi Fellowship Programmes Years 1-8

Can volunteering help create better health and care?

single page 1 of report (PDF File 555 KB)

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Personal development

Developmental Feedback for Leadership and Management

We have updated the 360° Narrative Feedback toolkit and it's now on sale (£20.00 inc. P&P).  Purchase a hard copy

Healthcare network videos

Network Leaders: Engaging Members and Generating Value

What makes networks work?

Prof. Malby discusses the context for networks in health in the UK.

Equality and managing inequalities

Watch Prof. Malby talk on managing inequality through coproduction.

Inaugural lecture

The Next Generation NHS from School of Health and Social Care on Vimeo.

Watch Prof. Becky Malby's inaugural lecture, The Next Generation NHS.

Social Media

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