Data modelling

Using data to catalyse innovation: access data pooling and sophisticated modelling tools

The Lab is focused on generating a shared picture and understanding of what’s really going on in health and social care systems, using data.

Pooled data is powerful - it allows us to recognise trends, at both personal and wider levels. The Lab collects local data to analyse. Results are then collated to identify problems and solutions.

The local data is:

  • Compared internally within the system (comparisons between viewpoints, for example: localities, GP practices, consultants, speciality)
  • Benchmarked against similar places elsewhere
  • Described both in terms of the categories listed but also in terms of what it means to population segments (for example: people managing diabetes; young adults)
  • Described at the big picture level and at the personal level in terms of people’s stories

Table of data sources and processes