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Dr Tarriq Sajjad

Dr Tariq Sajjad


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    020 7928 8989
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    Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Tariq is a lecturer in the Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering. His current research interest includes physics of the materials and devices including solar cells and light emitting devices, and their application in visible light communication and photodynamic therapy.

Prior to joining LSBU as a lecturer in December 2019, he worked at Organic Semiconductor Centre (OSC), University of St Andrews, first as a research fellow and then as a senior research fellow, where he made a broad contribution across the fields of optoelectronic materials and devices. In St Andrews, he also worked as coordinator of two centres (Advanced Functional Materials Research Centre and Organic Semiconductor Centre), where he (with Dr Miller) has developed and administered a facility for fabrication, structural and functional characterisation of materials at nanoscale.

He received his MSc and PhD, both from Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), University of Surrey, UK and MSc in Electronics from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. During his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Jeremy Allam, he has investigated the exciton dynamics in carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for their possible application in solar cells and lasing.

He is a member of community board for the journal Materials Horizon since 2016 and is academic visitor at the University of St Andrews. He is recipient of financial awards from the UK industry.

His current teaching includes:

  • Electrical energy converters and drives (ENG_6_528)

Previous teaching at other universities:

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Verilog

Dr Tariq is interested in understanding the physics of materials and devices, with the aim of improving them. Current research activities in Tariq’s energy engineering and materials devices (TEMD) group are:

  • Solar cells including transparent and bifacial solar cells
  • Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) Light emitting devices (LEDs)
  • Photophysics of semiconductor Materials
  • Perovskite photonic sources (LEDs and Lasers)
  • Multifunctional devices
  • Visible Light data Communications
  • Photodynamic Therapy
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  • Member of community board of Materials Horizon