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Risham Chohan

Risham Chohan

Senior Lecturer, LLB Year 1 Director of Studies

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  • Telephone:
    020 7815 7833
  • School/Division:
    Law and Social Sciences / Law

Risham Chohan is a Senior Lecturer and the LLB Year 1 Director of Studies. She is also the module leader for a compulsory level 5 module, Working in the Law, and a level 6 option module, Employment Law. Risham has actively worked to address employability and has developed links with members in the legal profession to secure work placement opportunities for students on the Working in the Law module. Risham is the Director of Studies for students on the first year of the LLB (Hons) and is responsible for attendance monitoring and student retention and progress for the first year cohort. Risham is a member of the LSBU Employability Committee and a member of the trustee board at Southwark Law Centre.

Module leader for Working in the Law and Employment Law. Responsible for the preparation and dissemination of Large Group and Small Group Sessions for the two modules and assessment of student attainment.

Member of the board of trustees for Southwark Law Centre