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Rachel Teodorini



Dr Rachel Teodorini is a Lecturer in Psychology. Her first degree was a BSc (Hons) in herbal medicine. Rachel has practiced herbal medicine since 2002. She later went on to study Psychology at LSBU. She graduated with a distinction, and she was offered a fee-waiver PhD in psychopharmacology. Her PhD focused on the off-prescription use of cognitive enhancing drugs. She also collaborated with other groups on different projects, publishing and presenting at international conferences. She has worked as a Seminar Leader and lecturer since 2015, teaching topics such as neuropsychology, the biological basis of extreme emotion, pain, and critical thinking to undergraduate and master’s students. Her research and interests are focused on cognitive enhancement, learning and memory, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, psychoactive herbs, addiction, and dementia. She was also the Editor of the Division of Psychology Newsletter for over five years.



Critical thinking

Biological basis of extreme emotion (schizophrenia, mood disorders, fear, anger pleasure and addiction)



Introducing Psychological Approaches, Exploring Psychological Approaches, Introducing Real World Psychology, Exploring Real World Psychology, Research Methods 1, 2  & 4, Psychology of Thinking and Communication, Thinking, Intelligence and Communication (Master’s), Psychology of Behaviour with Others, Social Behaviour (Master’s), Psychology of Feelings, Emotions and Human Behaviour (Master’s).

The off-prescription use of cognitive enhancing drugs: modafinil and methylphenidate

Teodorini, R. D., Rycroft, N., & Smith-Spark, J. H. (2020). The off-prescription use of modafinil: an online survey of perceived risks and benefits. PloS one, 15(2), e0227818.

Alcohol and eyewitness memory:

Gawrylowicz, J., Scoboria, A., Teodorini, R., & Albery, I. P. (2019). Intoxicated eyewitnesses: the effect of a fully balanced placebo design on event memory and metacognitive control. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 33(3), 344-357.

Expectations in music and decision making:

Civai, C., Teodorini, R., & Carrus, E. (2020). Does unfairness sound wrong? A cross-domain investigation of expectations in music and social decision-making. Royal Society open science, 7(9), 190048.

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