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Prof. Sally Inman

Emeritus Professor Education

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    020 7815 8125
  • School/Division:
    Law and Social Sciences / Education

Sally's work has largely focused upon educational policy and practice in relation to the personal and social development (PSD) of young people in formal and non formal settings. This embraces curriculum design and teaching and learning with respect to young people's PSD including citizenship education, PSHE and sustainable development/global citizenship education. She has a particular interest in the relationship between effective PSD and school democracy. The focus of this work is how the understanding and voices of young people can be used to enhance policy and practice in education. Sally has also undertaken work on the connections between diversity, equality and sustainability in educational policy and practice. 

Sally has also worked extensively within teacher education developing curriculum and research around Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and global citizenship (GC). Sally's research interests are pursued through the Centre for Cross Curricular Initiatives (CCCI) development centre. 

The CCCI developed and managed a large UK wide UK Teacher Education ESD/GC Network TEESNet between 2007 – 2013 with Sally as director of the network and CCCI. Sally has, with colleagues from LSBU and other European countries, recently completed an EU funded research project on interethnic conflict and violence in European schools.

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