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Ozan Kamiloğlu



Dr. Kamiloglu joined to Department of Law in 2020, and he specialises in effects of social movements on law and understanding of legality. Previously he worked in Universities of Essex, SOAS and Birkbeck College where he had gained his PhD degree in Law.

Dr. Kamiloglu previously taught;

Public International Law

Human Rights Law

Public Law,

Criminal Law,

EU Law,

Contract Law

Legal Skills and Legal Research Methods

His teaching is based on alternative pedagogies and active student participation.

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Member of The Society of Legal Scholars and Socio-Legal Studies Association

From 2015 – Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy in Law in recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education.

There are two separate but linked areas of Dr. Kamiloglu’s research.

In the first path, he looks at human rights activists from the Global South, their understanding of human rights discourses in various countries, how discourses of HR travel through International Law, INGOs, NGOs and finally society. Concepts of violence, utopias, formation of ideologies and its aesthetics, neoliberalism plays an important role in his research.

In the second path, he works on the concept of ‘right to the city’ with local focus. Here, he thinks on the relation between human rights and the global economy in the Global South. This area of research covers the relation between austerity programmes, economic policies and the concept of rights. Consequently, he tries to analyse complex relation between current global economic model and rights discourse.