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Mohammed Mansour


Dr Mohammed Mansour is a lecturer in Biomedical Science in the Division of Human Science, School of Applied Science, London South Bank University (LSBU). He is currently teaching and leading modules in the BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science course starting in Sep 2020 at LSBU. Dr Mansour received his PhD (2015) in Molecular Cancer Biology from Nagoya University graduate school of Medicine, Japan, where he studied the molecular mechanisms of transcription factors (SATB1 & SATB2) in colorectal cancer. Then, he joined Dr David Bryant lab at the CRUK Beatson institute, UK as a Newton international fellow (2017-2019) to study ubiquitination of the metastasis-promoting-protein Podocalyxin. In 2019, he moved to university of Southampton to work on mammary stem cells and breast cancer. During his Royal Society Newton international fellowship, he has been endorsed as an emerging leader (exceptional promise) in Science.

Dr Mansour’s specialist subject area is Cancer cell Biology especially in the 3D culture of epithelial cancer cells in vitro and genetically engineered mice models to study heterogeneity. He combines the use of 3D tumour cell culture as ‘mini-tumours in a dish’ with the development of novel biochemical and cell biological assays for identification of distinct sub-populations of tumour cells. This approach is coupled to drug repurposing to identify compounds that kill each subpopulation, and tailor drug combinations specifically to heterogeneity patterns in order to kill all subpopulations, and thereby overcome treatment resistance. His end goal is to unravel new therapeutic targets and drug candidates, which could be taken toward preclinical validation for agents to stop metastasis.

Dr Mansour is welcoming PhD and postdoc candidates interested in scholarship or grant applications to discuss potential projects to join his team.

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