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Dr Michael Rodney

Senior Lecturer


Michael is a Senior Lecturer at LSBU. He is also a qualified Solicitor who specialised in public law related matters, including constitutional and administrative law, civil justice and litigation, legal theory, dissertation and research skills.

He has written for and lectured on undergraduate and postgraduate law degree courses at the University and for the Open University.

He is committed to London South Bank Universities desire to provide a quality legal education that is contextual.

He is also committed to the School of Law and Social Sciences desire to embed itself in the wider legal and local community.

At LSBU:  (1994-present)

  • 1996-1999: Course director for CPE course (FT and PT): Responsible for delivery of course/ development and production of course materials/course governance which included satisfying law society and university requirements/ liaison with law society/ quality assurance/examinations and assessments generally/ chair of CPE exam board on a number of occasions/ recruitment/publicity/course development
  • 1994-ongoing: Module Coordinator for LLB and CPE courses in Public Law; responsible for unit material/setting of and marking assessments/liaising with external examiners
  • Other subjects taught include civil litigation on the Legal Practice Course and legal theory on LLB; unit coordinator for legal theory in 1999-2000
  • Formerly responsible for publicity and recruitment to CPE and LPC.  Development of materials/ involved with developing marketing strategies.
  • Formerly responsible for ensuring that course contents of LPC reflected and continued to reflect changes brought about by incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Research supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate projects
  • Formerly Representative of Law Division on AHS research committee
  • 2015-2019: Course Director of the LLM Civil Litigation

On the LLB Dr Rodney’s teaching areas cover:

  • Year 1: Public Law
  • Year 3: law project

On the on the CPE/PGDL Dr Rodney’s teaching areas cover:

  • Public law
  • Law project
  • Dissertation

Previous Publications:

  • 1997:  Butterworths Residential Landlord and Tenant Guide (Ed by J. Driscoll): Chapter  ‘Rents’ and Chapter 4 ‘Repairing Obligations’
  • Book Reviewer for the Law Teacher:  Past reviews include Civil Procedure by S.Sime (Blackstone Press Ltd, 2000) in 36(1) The Law Teacher 2002;  Civil Procedure by S.Gerlis and P. Loughlin (Cavendish Publishing Ltd, 2001) in  36(3) The Law Teacher 2002; A Practical Guide to Civil Litigation by R. Hill, H. Wood and S. Fine (Jordons 2003) in 37(3) The Law Teacher 2003; Blackstone’s Civil Practice by C. Plant and Others (OUP, 2003) in 38(1) The Law Teacher 2004; Sovereignty in Transition ed N. Walker (Hart, 2003) in 38(3) The Law Teacher 2004 in 38(3).
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  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Law Society (Solicitor)
  • Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society