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Lionel Blackman

Sessional Lecturer

  • School/Division:
    Law and Social Sciences / Law

Lionel Blackman is a leading solicitor advocate and the first to win in the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court). He has also successfully led several murder defences at the Old Bailey and undertaken numerous other jury trials. He is senior partner of a criminal defence firm based in Epsom, Surrey. He is Director of the Solicitors International Human Rights Group.

Lionel is an external examiner of the Human Rights MA course at York University. He is passionate about promoting understanding within the solicitor profession of international human rights. He frequently undertakes training and other missions overseas including Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Russia and Turkey.  Lionel has written several international trial observation reports and authored a guide for trial observers.

Lionel assists LSBU’s LLM in criminal litigation lecturing on the use of visual technologies in criminal trials, complex case management and expert evidence. Throughout his private practice career he has maintained a foothold in academia from teaching A-level law to business law to accountants. He often lectures overseas on rule of law programmes on subjects ranging from criminal defence practice, human rights and international humanitarian law.

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