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Laura-Jane Filotrani

Course Director, BA (Hons) Journalism

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    020 7815 5754
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    Arts and Creative Industries / Film and Media; Arts and Performance; Creative Technologies

Laura-Jane Filotrani is currently the course director for BA (Hons) Journalism. Laura-Jane comes from a background of consumer publications, trade papers, local news and the national press. She has worked cross-medium and cross-platform, and is an experienced website builder with the CMS WordPress.

Her most recent role in industry was with the Financial Times, where she was responsible for all audio output in the newsroom. She created, launched and subsequently produced a number of weekly podcasts covering world news, the energy sector, science and the banking sector.These weekly 15 minute shows were presenter-led, with one or two invited high profile guests, and various reporters bringing updates and further insight into stories they were pursuing. The shows also included down-the-lines with foreign correspondents based in bureaus all over the world. These shows continue to grow a loyal audience for the Financial Times.

Prior to the Financial Times, Laura-Jane was a site editor at the Guardian. She was responsible for creating and launching Guardian Careers, which has grown into an enormous platform for multimedia content around the job market. She pioneered many of the online functionalities which we now take for granted - for example, she was one of the first to understand the possibilities of user engagement through online live Q&As. She also created and launched the weekly podcast Careers Talk, which she presented.

Although Laura-Jane has worked as a journalist in all media, audio is her preferred medium.

Website: Journalism London
Twitter: @journalism_lond

Laura is the course director for, and a senior lecturer in, BA (Hons) Journalism.

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Laura-Jane is currently working on a book for Routledge called ‘WordPress for Journalists - From Plugins to Commercialization’, which will publish in early 2017.

She has contributed significantly to both the Financial Times and the Guardian.